Apr 042012

Just recently finished up a demo reel that I have been working on for a while,  enjoy it.


Mar 072012

Photo based off of a Deltron 3030 song.


Deltron 3030 – Madness

Dec 242011

Sk8 Kamp - Hanging out for a while at the local playa skate park. Lots of sun, dusty bearings, and some rippers. Enjoy


Images from my stay on the playa, seven days is not nearly enough time to see all that burning man has to offer but these capture my experience out there.

Sep 132011

Hit up some late evening dj’s, some ripping and a little weather = RAD

Jul 262011

A little video I threw together that pretty much sums up spring break this year. Mine started out in the Spring Creek/Elko area and once the bus was ready to go my friends and I headed down to San Luis Obispo for the rest of the week. enjoy

Jul 052011
May 142011

This is from some shooting we did last summer. Rider: Brian McMillan

Apr 072011

Sometimes life has you so busy doing the things you like that the things you don’t like start to grow, eventually they become unavoidable as they pile up into a big mess.This video is about those days, when you finally come to terms with what you’ve been putting off.

Mar 072011

A short montage that tries to capture a few of our travels and times in Costa Rica. Capturing a tiny part of our lives in Puntarenas, surfing at Caldera, a weekend in Arenal, and traveling to and from these places in the bus. While this video offers just a taste hopefully it also delivers a feeling of what we were up to for a semester.

Feb 102011

Brian McMillan, Landon Vega, Joel Pitra, and I riding in various places around Reno last summer. We ended up riding a lot on Peavine and in Caughlin Ranch, there is a lot of really fun terrain and I wanted to showcase that with a short video.